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We put your brand in front of your target audience at steps 2, 3 and 4 of the business purchase process.

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About Us is a popular Internet magazine speaking to digital marketers, professional information managers, and cutting edge practitioners.

We speak to CIOs, CMOs, and marketing and information managers who are concerned with the optimal use of their organization's digital information.

Our core topics:

  • Digital Marketing, Customer/Web Experience Management, Web CMS
  • Social Business, Enterprise 2.0, Intranets & Portals, SharePoint
  • Information Management, Document Management, GRC

Beyond Clicks

Sometimes people only want to talk about clicks and conversions. These things are no doubt important, but they are just part of the value of online advertising.

ComScore recently studied 139 online ad campaigns by marrying data from its panel of U.S. internet users with shopper data. They found that online ads — even when they didn't result in a click — increased a consumer's likelihood of making a purchase at an advertiser's retail store by 17% and increased visits to a marketer's website by an average of 40% (read the full article Why the Click Is the Wrong Metric for Online Ads).

The CMSWire title has a high average CTR for its ad units. Nevetheless, we know very well that direct clicks and conversions are only part of the story. We hope to work with clients who share this understanding.

Example Clients

AcquiaAdobeAlfresco SoftwareBridgeline DigitalColligoCoreMediaEktronEMCEphoxeZ SystemsIBM Ingeniux Web Content Management LaserficheNuxeoOpenTextThe Real Story GroupSDL TridionSitecoreWiden Enterprises

Our Audience


  • 55% male; 45% female
  • 85% play a key role in influencing software purchase decisions
  • 65% make final decisions on software purchases for their organization
  • 56% have more than 10 years experience; 76% have more than 5 years experience in their current field
  • 90% are interested in Web Experience and Web CMS
  • 90% are interested in Social Business & Collaboration
  • 78% are interested in Digital Marketing
  • 70% are interested in SharePoint and SharePoint business practices
  • 70% are interested in Document Management, Records Management and Enterprise Search
  • Top industries include: computers & technology, marketing & advertising, professional services, healthcare, education, government
Source: CMSWire Reader Survey. Facebook. Google Analytics. Quantcast.


  • 50% Americas
  • 24% Europe
  • 19% Asia
  • 4% Oceania
  • 2% Africa
Source: Google Analytics.


Monthly Uniques 275,000+
(70% new)
RSS Subscribers 19,750+
Twitter Followers 21,500+
Facebook Fans 10,950+
  Google Analytics (Feb 2013)
  FeedBurner (Feb 2013)
  Twitter (Feb 2013)
  Facebook (Feb 2013)


25-34 27%
35-44 30%
45-54 24%
Male 55%
Female 45%
College Grad 82%
Advanced Degree 35%
Income over $75,000 63%
Income over $100,000 40%


Windows 69%
Mac 16%
iPad 4.1%
iPhone 3.3%
Android 2.6%
Chrome 36%
IE 24%
Firefox 21%
Safari 12%